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Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 14, August 1st

I still haven't slept and kept riding through the night. Why get a room at this time only to wake up in a few hours? I kept to the slab for a little bit since I was worried about my battery failing again, but right out of Truro there's a toll road. I didn't want to spend any more cash so I took route 2 by Minas Bay and rode through some light fog. The road was in good condition (except for 8km of construction so it was all dirt/gravel) and went through some nice towns. Maybe it looks better at night, I don't know.

unattractive, i know... but i had been riding for 24 hours straight!

Taking the 106 out of Moncton I took route 890 and followed that country road in the hill sides. I was pretty much lost but I didn't care since I was enjoying the ride. I couldn't see any motels, let alone any towns, gas stations, etc. I was pretty much in BF nowhere. probably around 8am i rounded a crest and saw a cute little down with a big steeple. I figured they would have rooms there!

a wonderful sight to see when you've been riding in nothing and need to sleep badly

I found a room at the Covered Bridge Inn. Cute little place with a babbling brook behind it. I knew nothing about this area and never heard about it until I got there. Seems this area is well known for the many covered bridges and painted murals on the buildings. When I got the room they warned me that the local militia group were doing military exercises. I feel to sleep with the sound of rapid machine gun fire...quite relaxing actually as it sounded like an old WWII movie.

I took a nap for about 5 hours and got up for some more riding. Rode around town and drank from the naturally carbonated fountain. tasted like sulphur and it was gross. There's more history to the fountain, like being the first to have carbonated ginger-ale.

I rode around town and small country roads in the area and it was a nice ride for the most part. I got in contact with my friend (KROW) I was going to meet up with the next day and all was set. I hit the hay for the night and wanted to wake up earlish so I could get the bike packed up and get going to meet KROW.

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