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Monday, August 11, 2008

Trip report summary

If you're thinking of touring on the bike into places unknown, just do it. It's an experience in itself and I felt like it was more an adventure than a vacation or a trip. I hadn't planned anything, I didn't know where exactly I was going and didn't know when I was coming back. It was great freedom to just do what I wanted, go where I wanted and when I wanted to.

days travelled -- 17
motels stayed at --13
nights i camped -- 1
provinces travelled in -- 5
total Kilometers ridden -- 8030
total kilometers walked -- probably around 4
liters of fuel used -- ~375
total cost of fuel -- ~$500
number of animals avoided -- 22 (forgot the chicken type bird)
number of large unidentified dead animal run over -- 1
pictures taken -- ~ 1600 (about 200 used for panoramic)videos of ocean taken -- 2
times i swam in the ocean -- 1
close calls because of morons on road -- 1
close calls beacuse i'm a moron -- 2
times bike died -- 3
times i push started it back to life -- 2
times it was charged with a trickle charger -- 1
number of wasp stings while riding -- 1
Number of stops from police -- ZERO
visors scratched -- 3
ferries crossed -- 6
number of other M50s i saw -- 2

I overpacked some things (since it was my first overnight trip) and underpacked others. i'm dumb.I totally believe in having a mascot on the bike for good luck. I put on a mini A&W bear on my handlebars. i called it MR. Weeble. i'm calling the Bike Mr. Wobble now (until i can get that fixed) so they make a great team of Weeble Wobble. Either the mascot brought me luck, or just gut instinct or Saint Christopher (patron saint of motorcycling) was looking over my shoulder...
But i had great luck... and i'm not religious.

A few things i learned from this trip. -i like dirt roads.
-the road less travelled usually has something really interesting at the end
-cruisers and beaches don't mix-trust the locals for interesting things to see
-easterners are great people
-i want to do an Iron Butt challenge
-i like churches
-i like old graveyards
-i like monuments commerating the dead
-i really like camping
-donation/community museums are great (i give money) and the museums you have to pay for, suck.
-there are more diary bars/ice cream shops in the east than any other type of outlet. those maritimers like their ice cream
-ziplock bags and kitchen garbage bags are a godsend (a tip from a buddy of mine)
-the coast is really windy
-fog sucks more than rain.
-chatting with service people (gas station, waitresses, etc) give the best advice on what to do, go see, etc.

1st's I did on this trip
1st time that i've ever
-been stung by a bee/wasp/hornet
-swam in an ocean
-camping with my motorcycle
-taking a big ferry with my bike
-going overnight with the motorcycle
-being totally alone for my birthday...and I was happy
-had the bike break down
-push started a bike
-run over a dead animal
-eaten dixie lee food (gross)
-been east of Quebec city
-eaten fresh cold lobster (very good)

Had a blast. I think everyone should go take a trip like that. no planning, no destinations, just point the bike in a direction and go for a few weeks.

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Elaine said...

In 2006 I went on a roadtrip (by car) to Newfoundland and back which lasted 2 weeks. It was fantastic and I plan to go back sometime. I'm a planner, I had to know where I'd be sleeping before I left. The person I was going with wasn't like that. I ended up having to go with no plans made, not knowing where I'd be sleeping, etc. which kind of scared the hell out of me. After having done it though, I realize just how good it is when you don't plan and just make it up as you go along.