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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 4, Part 3

Got to the Confederation Bridge and I wanted to take pictures of it, in case I didn't come back this way and took the ferry to NS. I snapped quite a few pics and was in awe at the sheer size and length of the beast. i couldn't see the other end of it really. you'd have to be really far back to get the entire bridge in one picture, that's for sure.
This was from a lookout near the tourist Info building. There was a sign saying people aren't to go on the beach, but since the tourist info building was shut down, and no one was nearby, I went down anyhow. I didn't disturb anything and wasn't doing anything stupid. :)

Aren't I just a rebel without a clue.

Rode across the bridge over to PEI and it started to get dark. wanted to get a room quickly as I didn't want to be running all over PEI trying to find accomodations. I headed to Summerside on a whim and after about an hour or so searching, I finally found a room. I went back out for a little night ride and a snack and ended up at a Tim's again. no smoking on the property was a bit annoying though! That's probably why it was dead and no one was around. Everyone seemed to get drive-through and go by the wharf and drink their coffee there.

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