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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 8, July 26th

Woke up and got my morning coffee at a Timmies and decided to up the coast and see what's up there. I followed the Sunshine trail i believe it was called up to Cape George. it was a nice ride, the roads were good and the views were really nice. got up to the Cape George lighthouse, and snapped a few pics there. It was a really nice site, high above everything

I really liked Cape George... it was very peaceful. I keep saying that, maybe i was just looking for some peace and quiet and solitude. Guess i found it in little bits.

Did the loop of the sunshine trail and it comes back to Antigonish. I figured that since Antigonish was a university town, there would be an internet cafe somewhere around there. Bingo. Found one. used it for about 45 mins and it cost me $2.40 i thought he was kidding me. I've used an internet cafe at one place in montreal and it cost me like $20 for an hour. heh.

Off to Cape Breton!

Right before i hit the Canso Causeway canal, I stopped for fuel and food at the Irving truck stop there. Good food. While chatting with the waitress about my camera and she loved the 10x zoom on it, she said i could probably take a picture of the bald eagle from where I was sitting. it's nest was far away in a tree, and could barely make it out. when I finished eating I went out and took a picture as close as i could, which isn't much, but thankfully high-rez and zoom works well :) here's the original picture... i reduced it/cropped it to get this. Not the best picture but at least I got a bit of it.
Hopped on the bike, went across the causeway and made a snap decision as to go clockwise or counter-clockwise around Cape Breton. Since I was going clockwise around the maritimes, I decided to keep with the theme and took a left. I didn't go to the Cabot Trail as i wanted to stick next to the coast. I landed in Port Hood and little did I know it's Al MacInnis' home town. woot. cute little town. little is the key word here. I kept going north and eventually got to Cheticamp. no vacancy on any motels to be found, so since I had some camping gear, i decided to camp out for the night (it wasn't supposed to rain that night) and headed for the park for a camping spot.

I went back to a store I saw on the way to the park and they advertised camping supplies. woot. Walked in and got some fire starter, an axe, hot dogs, beans, milk, bread and water.

Like J.G. said, what you forget or don't bring, you can buy... he was right got back to the campsite, loaded up the wood I bought there (you have to bring in or buy there since it's a protected park and you can't even burn dead wood, branches or twigs)
had myself a fire, cooked my food and entertained myself with my lamp

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