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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 9, Part 3

Back on the Cabot Trail I road east until Cape North. I stopped for Gas and chatted with the woman running the place. I told her about Stupa and she wasn't surprised. She told me that had i kept going a little bit further, I would have seen their monestary, which you can visit unless it's the dinner hour. At that time, it's complete silence and visitors aren't allowed. I'm kicking myself for not going all the way to the end of the road, but what can you do. Maybe I'll go next year. Going north I pulled over to take a picture of this Estuary. I liked it.

I headed north and the GPS said that a historic site was up here called Cabot's Landing. People think that John Cabot discovered the continent of America at this location in 1497. The Cabot Dilemma No one can prove where he landed it seems.

It's still neat to think that somewhere around where I was Cabot found the continent. (personally I think he found Newfoundland)

There was a nice beach here, but I didn't feel like going swimming at this time. heh. Maybe I'm afraid a big sea turtle will think my toes are lunch.

I headed north and wanted to get to Meat Cove as I had heard through work that this was a remote spot and the road was bad going up there, so I knew I had to see it for myself. The road was rough but great at the same time (i think about 13 km of gravel/dirt) and almost ran over a suicidal chipmunk, but I missed him and he ran back to the trees. stupid chipmunk. Stopped a few places on that road and enjoyed the view. You do get the sense of how remote this area is. It's one road and there's no other way out but the way you come in. here's a view overlooking the campsite at Meat Cove from the road. From the trails off of Meat Cove people can whale watch from the shore as they swim by. I didn't do that myself... need to get in shape if I'm going to be doing any hiking!

Left Meat Cove and as usual, stopped to take pictures along the way. Some really nice scenery in this area. I stopped at a little fry hut called "The Hut" for a dog and fries and headed back south, hoping to find a room somewhere before dark.

The road south was nice, stopped a bunch of places along the way and made my way to the 105, which i followed north to Sydney. Got a room and went back riding in the area. some nice little communities there and had a nice sunset near Point Edward.

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