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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 4, July 22nd

Anouncing rain again, so I suited up and got all the rain covers on the bags.
note to self: get waterproof luggage.
I wanted to go to Magnetic Hill to see what all the hoopla was about. Got in for free as the guy said it doesn't really work on motorcycles. heh. It still works. You drive down to the bottom of the hill turn around and put it in neutral. The bike crept up the hill and gained some speed :) pretty neat.

I looked around there for a Tim's and decided to get some McDicks for breakfast. sitting there i noticed something for the first time. McLobster? WTF? I hadn't had cold lobster yet, but anything seafood-ish from McDicks, can't be good. McNasty.
I slabbed it down the trans-can, to the 1, then the 114 to get to Fundy National park. The 114 was in rough shape and it cost about $7 or so to get into the park. If anyone reading this is considering going through the park to look around, go ahead but don't pay the money. All there was to see are trees and the damn tourists are up your butt in a rush to go somewhere. IMHO, not worth going through there unless you are camping or stopping through the park to do some activities. once i got to a sight-seeing lookout (i think there's only one) I took a few pics and I was a bit disappointed.
At the park exit, there was a little town of Alma where I got some fuel, and across the road there was a seafood place. Guess it was time to try my first cold lobster. I felt like an idiot, but I walked in and asked her if this is the place to eat a cold lobster and how do I go about it? Seems she gets a lot of that sort of thing around there. I picked up my lobster off the ice from the table, she cracked the claws/tail, put it on a few sheets of newsprint and put all of it in the cover of a cardboard box. I got some hot butter and a little fork too.


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