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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 2, Part 2

I didn't know if i wanted to stop around here or keep going to NB. I knew I couldn't get a room anywhere before noon anyhow, so I kept riding. I rode past Rimouski and kept going north. I wanted to take Route-132 into NB though.

The fog finally cleared and took out my sunglasses. crap. they broke. I had just bought them a week earlier! bought a cheap pair at a gas station and they work just fine.

I took my first picture of the St Lawrence (along route 132). had to go down a few Kms of gravel to get to it, but it was nice to see in the morning.
I stopped in at the museum in Pointe-au-Pere, Quebec as there was a shipwreck museum. I stopped in, took a little look but there was a $12 price tag to go and have a look at the museum exhibits. bha. I saved the $12 and took pictures instead. It's supposed to be the worst maritime disaster in canadian history, but i just wasn't interested into the tourist trappings, even though I wanted to know the story behind it.

A picture of a lighthouse and the anchor of the ship will have to suffice.

At around 11am I got a room in Ste. Flavie across with a view of the St. Lawrence. a lucky find actually. I just wanted a motel with access near the bike. so much gear to take on/off that it's a pain. It was nice and cheap. had a view from the room actually, in the picture, my room was the second door in. This was at like 11:30 am, so I was really tired. I took a nap and wasn't sure what time i'd wake up.

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