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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Journey to the east coast and back

I decided to write up a blog for my east coast travel i took solo on my motorcycle July 19th to August 4th. It was my first vacation solo over 6 days... it was one of many firsts on the trip. To me this wasn't just a trip, as I had a true sense of adventure from where I was sitting.

This vacation wasn't just somewhere to go to relax. It wasn't about destinations, but about the journey. I only had 1 'plan' and it was to see the pretty much the coast of the St. Lawrence, New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia.

I shied away from all major cities and never stayed very long in it. it wasn't about big museums and tourist traps (even though i did some) but to see how the other side lived. I had never gone further east than Quebec city, Quebec, had never seen New Brunswick, PEI nor Nova Scotia and had never gone longer than 767 Kilometers in a single day trip, and no more than 1000km in a single ride in 24 hours.

I put up a day-by-day trip report with pictures.
It's best to use the left hand navigation to look through the trip day-by-day as everything in blogger is in reverse order. There are links to all the pictures on the right hand nav bar as well, separated day-by-day.

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